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" Our Mission is to make quality pet gear that gives your dog the ultimate street cred"  


The original and the best dog denim and streetwear since 2014

Designed in Australia to the highest standards our dog denim and streetwear is so good even your humans will want to steal it! 
Lovers of rock and metal music we created the worlds first badass denim dog battle vest in 2014 for our puppy with attitude "Willie"
Since then the Pethaus range has grown to include even more functional clothing and accessories for dogs that rock! 

Who the hell are we? 

Pethaus is a small family run business. 

Leading our team are founders Mel & Matt. (Humans)

Helping out our crazy four legged crew

Willie his little bro Trigger (English Toy Terriers) and our boss cat Diego (Abyssinian) 

What makes us special? 

  • DESIGN    All our original designs are created here in Australia by our team, with functionality and your dogs comfort in mind.  We make gear thats "practi - COOL"   Our original denim dog vest design is high quality 12 oz denim fully lined with double stitched seams for durability and featuring sturdy brass Pethaus branded snaps. Over our years of experience we've perfected our designs to comfortabley fit wide range of dogs in all shapes and sizes.


  • QUALITY   Our products are made to last! Designed and tested to handle 'ruff' play our gear will last years not seasons.  


  • COMMUNITY   We absolutely love what we do and our customers are "Pethaus Pack" for life.  Building a great community of like minded dog crazy music loving misfits means everything to us. 


  • AUTHENTICITY   Rock / Metal music and denim is our lifestyle!  We created the first ever dog battle vest to match our own vests.   Matt is a musican with a ridiculous record collection and passion for heavy metal.  Mel has over 20 years experience in the denim and vintage ragtrade.