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Off Leash Dog Walks Melbourne - Part 2


Dog friendly walk Mathias track Dandenong ranges

Getting out into nature for an adventure is great for your dog and you. 

This is part 2 of our blog post series on our favourite off leash walking spots in Melbourne.  It's tough to find spots in the city these days were we can let our dogs just be dogs, and explore freely.  Nothing bonds you and your dog better than giving them freedom and building the trust you have with each other off leash. 


Dog friendly walks melbourne

Starting the Mathias Dog Friendly Walk

The drive will take you round a 45 minutes  from the CBD up to the picturesque Dandenong ranges.  Follow the main road up the hill and take the Falls Road turn off. Continue around until you see a sign for The National Rhododendron Gardens, the track begins there. You'll be able to park just off Falls Road. 

Dog friendly walks melbourneCheck Dog bandana













Be sure to wear layers during the cooler months as the temperature in the ranges is considerably colder. Sensible footwear is also a  must as the track can get quite  muddy and slippery at points.  

Mathias Track Dog walk

The track is an easy walk around 3.5 kilometres in each direction and is shared by mountain bikers and horses.  If your lucky you'll also catch sight of a Lyrebird. We also did a little foraging, if you know a thing or two about mushrooms be sure to bring along a bag to collect. 

picking mushrooms along Mathias track

Mathias Track passes below the National Rhododendron Gardens and Hamer Arboretum. Numerous trails lead off in all directions.  We found ourselves on an unused golf course which runs alongside the track. 

Dog friendly walks Melbourne

The course is fairly steep, however there is plenty of wide open space to explore. Willie had a great time running around like a lunatic. The Autumn trees were spectacular with stunning views from the top of the course.  There were also plenty of other dogs to meet along the way. 

Doberman and English Toy Terrier

 This was the perfect spot for us to test our our new bandana range and get some great photos! 

Check Dog bandana Pethaus

 Just like his Dad, Willie dog loves a good check flannel. Our new Lumberjack and Woodsman dog bandana's are the perfect tough wearing accessory for dogs out exploring. 

Check Dog bandanas by Pethaus

The lumberjack dog bandana  & the woodsman dog bandana

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English Toy Terrier Melbourne

We meet this gentleman along the way and he was pretty sure Willie was his spirit animal.  'Twinning in flannel' 

Twinning on the Mathias Dog track

This little guy was pretty tired by the end.... Success! 

Dog friendly walks Melbourne

Hope to catch you guys there next time.  We are always trying to sniff out new adventures for Willie so feel free to share your favourite walks with us in the comments below. ;) 




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