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Our PetHaus Family

May 01, 2014 2 min read

Pethaus family

Welcome to our crazy PetHaus! 


Our mad house got a little bigger with the introduction of tiny but mighty 'Willie Pup', the English Toy Terrier with a huge personality. Willie had so much attitude we really wanted his clothes to reflect that. After a super frustrating search for suitably awesome quality dog gear to fit his character, we gave up and made our own! Pethaus was born!  Now we want to share it and our mad house with you, so here's a bit about our family. 

There's five of us!  Matt, Mel, Diego, Cowboy and of course Mr Willie.  

Willie the English Toy Terrier, named after a combo of Mel's late Poppa Wilhelm Kuhlicke and of course Mr Willie Nelson! Willie is a wee man with a big personality. His favourite things are Cheeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssseeeeeeee  (just like his Mum) , chasing the cats, meeting new people and dogs, and plastic bottles. Willie loves to howl along to records by metal bands like Dio, Danzig and Slayer.

Cowboy our Abyssinian cat who has an attitude the size of Texas and death stare that would make a grown man cry. This Kitty is not to be messed with, a lone gunman.  He went missing as a Kitten for a day, when we finally found him he had been adopted by two lovely ladies around the corner who had named him  "Texas" .... they couldn't believe his name was Cowboy... don't give Kitty a horse and a gun. Cowboy loves nothing more than kicking up his heels to records by Townes Van Zandt, Flying Burrito Brothers and David Allen Coe.

Diego our Abyssinian old man! He's a lover not a fighter. Diego is known for being the party cuddle puss who loves to suck peoples thumbs and shoulder rides. This guy has a purr like a jack hammer and wouldn't hurt a fly. Diego likes to mellow out to albums by soft rock heavy weights such as The Eagles, Foreigner and Toto.

Matt aka " No Squares or Hippies"  muscian, poster designer. Matt plays guitar and sings for bands Slavetrader and Levitating churches. In his spare time he makes some of the most bad arse gig posters you've ever seen. You can checkout his sexy dark works here :  No Squares or Hippies   An avid record collector and heavy metal nerd, Matt has been educating Willie on all things rock n roll to black metal. Matts favorites include Dead Moon, Roky Erickson and Pentagram.

Mel has worked in the Vintage fashion industry for over 13 years  and currently runs an amazing not for profit Vintage boutique "Dear Gladys" supporting Fitted For Work to help women experiencing disadvantage to get work and keep it. With a passion for late 60's early 70's fashion, Mel's attention to detail drives PetHaus's  quality control. If we wouldn't wear it then it's not good enough for our little buddies! When Mel gets to take over the record player you can expect to hear plenty of Peter Green era Fleetwood Mac, Witch and Muddy Waters. 


Please to meet you.

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