DIY Pet Poo Composter

May 08, 2014 12 Comments


Make your own super cheap pet poop garden composter.  Say good bye to a garden full of poop!

We already had two cats when we first got Willie pup, and with a small inner city flat and tiny back yard we were a bit worried about our lovely outdoor area turning into doggy do do land! 

So here is what we did to solve the poopie problem for good and make some awesome fertiliser for our (non edible) plants. 

Difficulty level  - easy peasy

Cost - between $0 to $30

Time - 1.5 hours. 


  • Plastic garbage bin with lid that seals  
  • Small amount of gravel and or sand  (We stole some from the neighbours gravel driveway! Shhh) 
  • Some dirt and or compost.
  • Activated Enzymes ( you can pick these up from your supermarket or hardware store for around $10 - $20)


  • Drill with large drill bit
  • Spade


1.  Before you go out and purchase your bucket, choose a spot in your garden. Try to find somewhere that gets some sun to warm the compost and it's probably a good idea to have it away from eating areas but to be honest we get no smell from ours. Other things to consider are that you should never have your pet poo compost in a vege garden or edible garden as pet poo will contaminate your food. Having said this it makes fantastic compost for your other plants so a great spot would be in your flower garden! 

2. Check the depth of your garden bed. In our case we live in the city so our bed was very shallow at only 80 cm deep. The deeper your area the better, this will determine the size of the plastic bin you can buy. Bigger is better. When you buy your bin make sure that only a small amount of the bin will protrude from the soil with the lid on top so that your compost is well hidden in the garden. 

3. Now you've got your bin, dig your hole. This is the only sucky bit really. No one except the dog likes digging holes. Use your bin to check the circumference of your hole and be sure not to dig deeper than the height of your bin minus a couple of inches. (you need the bin to stick out the hole a little bit) 

pet composter hole

4. The fun bit! Drill some holes! You need to remove the base of your plastic bin. To do this drill holes close together the entire way around the bottom of the bin then cut through any remaining plastic between either with the drill or a stanley knife.  Remove the base. 

5. More drilling! now drill holes all the way around the outside of your bin leaving a few inches at the top where your bin will protrude from the ground. You do not want holes there. These are to allow the worms in and the compost out into your garden, so be sure to make plenty. 

6. Put your bin in your garden hole. Layer the bottom with gravel and or sand for drainage (you don't need much). Next add a layer of dirt.  We used compost from food and garden scraps compost. Be sure to wet it all down. Its great if you can get some worms in there to begin the process faster. 

Pet composter layers

7. Your done! Put the lid on and admire your work. 

Pet composter in garden

All you need to do now is transfer your pets poop from wherever it lands each time into the composter (We have a designated garden scoop for this purpose) Every now and again add a layer of dirt wet it down and a sprinkle of your active enzymes which speed up the process of breaking down the poo.  We also like to give ours a mix around once a month with a spade to help the process.  

T H E  E N D  O F  P O O P I E  G A R D E N .



12 Responses


August 31, 2018

FOR CAROL : If you get maggots in compost, whether dog poo or kitchen/garden scraps, put a slice or 2 of bread soaked in milk in the compost bin. It will attract the maggots and kill them.


April 23, 2018

I have a poo disposal bin in the ground done as above but wh3n I lift the lid I have lots of maggots in there what am I doing wrong


January 15, 2018

Hi Virginia – my understanding is yes, worm medication may kill earthworms.

Virginia Harcourt
Virginia Harcourt

November 09, 2017

Does the regular intestinal wormer I give my dog kill the compost worm ?


September 20, 2017

Hi. I’m a bit dim! What do you do when it’s full? Do you start another one or move it or take the. Intents out and disperse?
Thanks :)


June 12, 2017

I have a bucket with no bottom dug in my garden for my 2 cats, and I am filling it up with water and I always pour lactobacillus,however, the poo remains there and it is almost full. Thanks for mentioning worms. I will transfer few worms from my worm farm and see what happens.


February 09, 2017

How long does this poop take to break down?


January 23, 2017

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Alison Hamilton

January 22, 2017

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January 01, 2017

To remove the base drill 1 hole 10mm diameter & then cut the base off using a jigsaw! Thanks


April 30, 2016

Sorry Rika we just saw your comment now. We only have one small dog ;) I would recommend a much bigger bin or even two large scale bins for three dogs. That’s a lot of poop! ;)

Good luck

Mel and the crew at Pethaus


February 14, 2016

How many dogs do you have? How long does it take to compost down?
We have 3 big dogs and are worried they’ll poop more than a single bin can handle!
Thanks for the info

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