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Melbournes Inaugural Dachshund Race

September 21, 2015 2 min read

Melbourne Dachshund Race - Hophaus
Photo by the Hearld Sun. 
Saturday the 19th of September was a Sausage Fest of epic proportions. As far as the eye could see hilariously dressed Wieners from far and wide gathered to raise money for Dachshund Rescue Australia
As part of Oktober fest Hophaus Bar & Grill  helped organise the event in conjunction with their Hoptober Fest celebrations.  From mini's to standards there was every type of sausage imaginable.  Prizes were also given for the best dressed and competition was strong.  
Our mate @cooperthesausagedog , wearing our denim above, took out first place in the puppy race wearing an awesome red vintage race car driver outfit (below) 
Melbourne Inaugural Sausage dog race
Best of all we got to meet up with a few of our Pethaus Pack amongst the crazy crowd. There was this tough fluff ball 'Moss' and below the super cute 'Norman' in black. 
Pethaus at the Melbourne Dachshund Race
Although the actual races had a maximum of only 50 Wiener entrants the crowd that came to see the spectacle and dress up their dogs was huge which sadly meant most people missed out on viewing the actual races. Tip for next year - get there early if you want to see, bring a hat and plenty of water.
There were other breeds in the crowd mix and our CEO and model dog Willie rocked up matching Matt wearing his battle jacket.  Matt and Willie got stopped for so many photos! 
 Melbourne Hophaus Wiener Race - Denim Dog
We might be bias but of all the crazy outfits we still think super cool classic denim won on the day! 
Melbourne Dachshund race - Denim Dog Vest
Image from Broadsheet.
Denim Dog Vest Dachshund
Image from Broadsheet.
Dachshund Race Melbourne
Racing Dachshunds
Oktober fest racing wieners
Photo by The Herald Sun  - In the lead @cooperthesausagedog wearing his Pethaus studded jacket. 
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