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Dogapalooza Melbourne

October 02, 2015 1 min read

Dogapalooza Melbourne - Pethaus"George The Pug", rocking his custom battle jacket

Melbourne's very first music festival for dogs!  In a city known for it's devotion to live music it was only a matter of time before dogs had their day.   Sick of being left at home from one Meredith festival to the next Golden Plain's and Boogie, dogs finally had a festival all about them. 

Created to raise funds and awareness for local animal rescue organisations Dogapalooza is a charity event, a day in the park with live music, stall holders, food and byo bevies ... what more could you want on the weekend.

Dogapalooza Melbourne 2015

Since music, dogs and good times are very much our thing we saw fit to make this event our very first Pethaus market. We were not disappointed.  Beer flowed, and there were dogs in our denim everywhere. 

We debuted our summer "must have" accessory,  "Dog tag bottle openers" to a welcoming crowd of beer swilling humans and our chic new summer 'Denim Dog Bandana's' to were lapped up by the coolest music loving dogs in Melbourne.  

Dog Tag Bottle Openers - Dogapalooza Melbourne Dogapalooza denim dog bandanas

Live music, food and dogs everywhere, we had an amazing time meeting so many instagram friends and new waggy tailed faces! Can't wait for next year. 

Dogapalooza Melbourne Oscars LawDogapalooza Melbourne - GeorgeDogapalooza Melbourne - Chihuahua Oscars LawDogapalooza Melbourne - pethaus dog bandana

Dogapalooza Melbourne - Happy HarryDogapalooza Melbourne - Secret_life_of_theo_n_ava

Dogapalooza MelbourneDogapalooza Melbourne


If you were at Dogapalooza, or wish you'd gone we would love to hear from you. Tell us about your day, or if you'll be going next year in a comment below. 



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