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September 23, 2017 2 min read

Hophaus Dachshund Races Melbourne 2017


Year 3 of the annual Hophaus Dachshund races in Melbourne was bigger than ever! No surprises there after all what's better than a hilarious day of dogs, dress ups and beers! 

Seasoned race goers the Pethaus team attend each year to support our low riding pack members, and catch up with the crew for some bevies afterwards. 

Here are our hot tips for those of you thinking of attending 2018 

  1. Water!  Bring plenty of water in bottles and a portable bowl. It gets very hot at the race site. 
  2. Get there early if you want to see the race. Arrive well before 11am to get a good viewing spot 
  3. Consider your dogs comfort.  If you have an anxious dog the races can be very busy and overwhelming.  As mentioned it can get very hot at the site so be sure their costume / outfit won't overheat them or is easy to remove.  Bringing a large bag or carrier to give you dog a safe space to take a time out is a great idea. 
  4. If you want to be involved as a racing dog book your spot early as they fill up fast (yes you need to be a Dachshund) . Money raised from race fees goes to help the pawsome folk at Dachshund Rescue

Dachshund Races Melbourne 2017 

We found Wally! 

Melbourne Dachshund Races

"Little Lord Louie" . This proud pack member may not have one his race but he killed it at looking handsome in his custom patched Hobo denim bandana 

Dachshund Races Melbourne 2017  Pethaus

Little Ella placed 3rd in her race!  She looks pretty chuffed in her custom embroidered Pethaus bandana

Dachshund races Melbourne 2017

"Long Legs Louis" was repping the pack in his custom patched Pethaus vest like a pro!

Dachshund Races Melbourne 2017

 Bat dog was there! 

Dachshund races Melbourne

Louie and Coco warm up for the Oktoberfest dachshund race. Picture: Jake Nowakowski

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