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Dog harness - Battle Harness


Dog harness - Denim 

Dog walks just got a whole lot cooler!       

Stylish & strong our Pethaus denim dog harness is here to help you fly out the door looking super cool in under 30 seconds! 

Find out more about out harness & adding patches - scroll right down 

Don't be fooled our "Battle Harness" is as tough as it is stylish, you can also add your favourite patches or even get us to create a personalised patch to make it 'extra'. 

*Add personalised text patches in the dropdown menu above, you can view font styles in the product pictures- personalised patches require 3 - 7 business days production

Perfect for everyday wear, a statement piece on its own or layered over our hoodies and tees.

Also a great alternative for those big buff dogs who have trouble fitting our denim vests.

-Fast & easy to put on and take off

-Eliminates strain on dogs neck and back during walks

-Heavy duty hybrid metal / plastic buckles durable even in wet conditions

-Strong  high quality nylon webbing built to last

-Breathable mesh lining 

-Fits dogs of all shapes and sizes and can be adjusted easily

-Built to last 

-Machine washable

-Designed to get better with age just like your favourite jeans


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