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Studded Denim Dog Bandana - Personalised

Bandana Colour
Dark Denim
Vintage Blue
Size and Stud Colour
Small / Med Silver Studs
Med / Large Silver Studs
Small / Med Gold Studs
Med / Large Gold Studs

Build your own badass creation! Customise your bandana and we make it for you.  Cos we've had some practice at this stuff. 

Every bandana will be unique and comes with a warning - WILL ATTRACT ATTENTION!  

SMALL / MEDIUM  - fits from puppies and small breeds up to a 17" / 43 cm collar

MEDIUM / LARGE  - fits medium to large dogs up to a 23 " / 58.5 cm collar. 

Denim with vegan leather logo patch 

How it works....  Select from our drop down menu. 

  • Choose your size 
  • Choose bandana colour
  • Choose stud colour
  • Decide if you want custom embroidered text or not (more room for patches that way)  
  •  If you want to add patches add "Yes please" from our drop down -   You'll need to head over to our Patch collection and put some patches in your cart next. -the cost of patches is additional. 
  •  * Don't worry we will make sure they fit and get in touch if there's any issues. (we can refund things that don't work easy) 

 * We take time creating each digital design first, then carefully embroider each bandana - good things take time so please allow 3 - 7  business days processing. If your order is urgent send us an email and we will see what we can do. ;)  Cos we are awesome like that. 

SIZE MATTERS! - Hot tips for patch selection

Extra tiny dogs - choose one patch under 6cm with custom text or two patches under 6cm without 

Small / Medium - Choose one patch under 7.5 cm with custom text or two patches under 7.5cm without 

Med / Large  - Choose up to 2 patches under 7.5cm with custom text or  3 patches, one under 8cm and the rest smaller without text, we will let you know if your selection does not fit. 

Not sure?  - Just email us we love having a chat about this stuff. 


* We recommend measuring your dog first as customised items are not able to be exchanged. We are always happy to help advise just email us. :)