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Pyramid Studs Gold or Silver - Add Your Own

Packet size

Got that DIY spunk ? Add some extra badass punk to your gear with studs.  Our pyramid studs are four prong for extra hold and light weight so they don't weigh dogo down. (Or you - great for human gear too) 

Got that old vest or DIY project that needs a little metal - select from our stud packs to add that extra - extra! 

Super easy to apply just poke through and fold the prongs over the fabric. 

They are low rise so that ruff play while wearing your vest or bandana is ok. - Not going poke anyone's eyes out or accidental scratches.  *safety first kids. 

**NOTE: We advise all studded dog clothing is supervised while worn. 

In Gold and Silver they come in 2 sizes .

  • 10 mm best suited to small bandana's or vest collars or  very small vests - a bit small for effect on larger vests 
  • 12mm best suited to Med - large bandanas or vests. 

How many do I need? 

Below are our estimates based on our diamond hem layout. Depending on your exact size, placement and design you may have a couple extra this also allows for mistakes ;)  or if you want to get crazy you might want a few extra. 

Small / Med Bandana = 15 pk 10mm (recommended for very small dogs) 

Med / Large  Bandana = 15 pk 12 mm 

Size 8 - 10 Vest = 25 pk 10 mm 

Size 8 - 10 Vest = 15 pk 12mm 

Size 12 - 14 Vest = 25 pk 12mm

Size 16 - 20 Vest = 25 pk of 12mm + additional 15 pk of 12mm ( so two packets)

Size 22 - 26 Vest = 2 x 25 pk 12mm

Select your size and colour from our drop down menu.