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Snack Thief Pizza Dog Patch

🍕🐶 Did someone say snacks!!! They can't prove a thing! No one saw you steal it!  No pizza, hot chip or carb is safe with your dogs snack stealing stealth!  SNACK THIEF !!! 

LIMITED EDITION DESIGN COLLAB WITH " NATTY B" Mural painter, artist, designer.

Natty has worked with Aussie Music legends "Cosmic Psychos", The Chats, Fireball Whiskey, Carlton United Brewery, Pabst Blue Ribbon.... so many more brewerys and bars.. 😂 She's a legend of parody art and thats only one of the reasons we love her work.  Natty is also a staunch mental health advocate and badass!  

  • Perfect size for bandana's , denim dog vest, or harness.  Heck put it on anything!! 
  • 9 cm w x 8 cm h
  • Iron or sew on