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Pethaus Content resources

Inspiration and tips help get great content!

So what kind of content is Pethaus looking for you ask? 

We often get asked what we look for when deciding on who to repost or choosing our Brand Ambassadors. We are not only looking for accounts with highly engaged audiences, but also on-brand photography and styling. Well lit clear images or videos that showcase our products and our brand personality are what we look for.  (Captions with a sense of humour are also a bonus) 

Here are a few examples of  photos that we have loved and reposted to get you started. 




Stud muffin Eddie has nailed this image, the photo is well lit and on a simple backdrop so the product really stands out. Plus he's perfectly placed our gear so you can see it well.  Nice Job Eddie! 



Its no lie we like dogs with attitude and Goose has it in spades in this photo.  Well lit, with a great blurred background. This photo is all about the vest patches and his popped collar! 

Dog hoodie and dog denim vest


Yeah boi! Buddah pops off the screen in this photo with great lighting and a blurred backdrop he really stands out.  Best of all the product is styled really well to highlight the fully lined sherpa vest👌🏼. and his face screams bad boy! 

Dog streetwear


Ummm look at these faces! Faces make people stop the scroll - we love seeing your dogs eyes staring right at us! This photo is crisp, well lit the background is simple so these cuties and the product really stand out.  Plus funny faces are great to make hilarious captions! 

denim dog vest with sherpa lining, denim dog jacket


Cute will get you everywhere, but a face full of sass and a super clear close up of our gear will get you even further! This photo nails a scroll stopping face while still having the product placement front and centre. 

dogs and tattoos, denim dog vest


Definite bonus points here for wicked tattoos, this photo couldn't be more on brand if we'd styled it ourselves.  Moody lighting and great composition, it showcases our product while giving the viewer a definite feel for our bad ass vibe. 

Takeaway Tips:

    • Shoot your images in bright and light places Show your pup's personality!
    • Get creative! Make sure you are showing the product well
    • Simple and light backgrounds are the way to go Urban settings like streets, doors, bricks are preferred over grass or dirt backgrounds
    • We need more high quality images of beds, collars, toys, and leashes