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Heavy Petting Human Tee ⚡️

Unisex Size
Tee Colour

Heavy Petting Unisex Tee - collab with artist Natty B

Premium quality tee for dog lovers.  🤘🏼 Heavy Petting hoodie, for hard core dog lovers who'll give the dog a bone no matter what it takes! 😂  ⚡️   Matching dog tees also available. 

This high quality tee has a limited collectors edtion print by popular artist Natty B ! ⚡️  Thanks for supporting Aussie artists and brands you bloody legend!!.  

  • 180 gsm 100% cotton in soft feel. 
  • Relaxed fit.
  • Pre shrunk so no worries! 

Check our size guide for the perfect fit. 

Natty has worked with Aussie Music legends "Cosmic Psychos", The Chats, Fireball Whiskey, Carlton United Brewery, Pabst Blue Ribbon.... so many more brewerys and bars.. 😂 She's a legend of parody art and thats only one of the reasons we love her work.  Natty is also a staunch mental health advocate and badass! 

WASHING? (do people do that?) 

Just chuck it in the wash - it's not fancy. Cotton - best not to tumble dry