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Off Leash Dog Walks in Melbourne - Part 1

January 26, 2016 2 min read

Off Leash Dog Walks Melbourne

Part 1 - Yarra Bend Park

Sometimes your dog just needs to roam like the wolves. To bound through the grass sniffing everything , to chase random moving objects and to feel free. 

We decided to start sharing our favourite inner Melbourne off leash areas in a series of blog posts to help other dogs and owners find the best spots to roam wild. 

As our cities grow bigger it becomes increasingly difficult to find inner city off leash areas to let our dogs just be dogs. Off leash walking is the perfect way to give your dog a sense of freedom and your trust. 

Fav spot #1  "Yarra Bend Park" 

10 - 15 minutes drive away from Melbourne city centre this stunning park is huge. The Yarra river winds it's way through the picturesque park and there are plenty of opportunities for adventurous dogs to go for a swim! The park is multi zone with on and off leash areas well sign posted. 


Dogs off leash at Yarra Bend Park Melbourne

Willie and pals from Tom and Captain dog walking adventures  


There are plenty of other dogs to socialise with, large open paddocks and gorgeous spots for humans to picnic and soak in the river view while the dogs go nuts. 

Yarra Bend Park Dogs

Dogs off leash at Yarra Bend Park

The walking tracks are shared with bikes so feel free to bring yours down and remember to  always be wary of your dog off leash on a shared path cyclists are often moving too fast to stop in some areas. There are open grass areas in the off leash zones big enough for sports games so bring down the back yard cricket, food and drink to make a day of it. 

Hobo denim dog bandana

Willie dog in his 'Hobo' Denim Dog Bandana  - we keep it wet on hot days to help Willie stay super cool.   


Snakes, snakes snakes!  Always watch your dog, be aware of bikes on paths and of course other people enjoying the park, but most of all in the warmer weather be on the alert for snakes.  Don't let your dog play in long grass at the rivers edge and watch out for snakes when your dog is swimming especially under the river edge where snakes like to hide.

Most snakes are scared off by noise so try to play in popular spots where snakes have already been scared away.  Always keep an eye out, we've personally seen a few tiger snakes in the river and close to people and dogs on this walk.

Dogs at Yarra Bend Park

Do you have a favourite spot we should check out?  Leave us a comment below and tell us where we should take Willie on his next adventure. 

You can enter the park from both Fairfieldand Studley Park boathouses or a number of sites along the path.  There is parking at both boathouses along with restaurants and boat hire! 

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