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August 04, 2016 4 min read




Finding dog friendly accomodation is hard. This time we hit the jackpot! In part 2 of our Dog Friendly Escapes  (click here to read part 1) we found the most incredible dog friendly spot ever, keep reading to find out more about what made this dog weekend perfect and how you can go there too. 

*Link and map at the bottom of the page

Weekends away are no fun without our dog Willie tagging along, but it's no fun for him when there are loads of restrictions on what he can get up to while we are away. With this in mind we went about finding accomodation that would allow Willie total freedom to get his DOG on! 

Dog friendly accomodation victoria


When we stumbled across 'Wild Valley Gippsland' on Airbnb we knew we had found somewhere really special, but nothing could prepare us for the views once we were there. 

Set on 120 acres of undulating land that is part rainforest, part bushland and part farm land. Wild Valley is surrounded by the Strzelecki Ranges and Tarra Bulga National Park in Gippsland. Hidden away this tranquil spot is the perfect getaway and only 2 hours outside of Melbourne. 

Wild Valley offers 3 fantastic retro caravans dotted throughout the land for privacy as well as campsites, facilities and genius communal area with games room, bar, kitchen and several barbecues, making it perfect not just for quiet weekends away but for group party weekends as well.

Each camper has a different theme, as we are huge fans of the 70's went couldn't resist the uber orange 70's retro camper hidden down the hill with breathtaking views of the valley. 

Wild Valley Gippsland Dog Friendly accomodation

Dog friendly camping Victoria

Our camper was incredible inside, fitted out in true 70's kitsch complete with 70's magazines, games and more. Super cosy and warm there was still plenty of space for the 3 of us. Complete with fridge and cooker it really felt like home.  Dress warm during the cooler months as the private bathroom and shower are out doors nearby.

 Wild Valley Gippsland outdoor bathroom



Camping with Dogs Gippsland

Don't forget to bring the right gear for your dog. During cooler months the temperature in the valley can really drop in the evenings. Willie got a lot of use out of his super fleecy"Bones Dog Hoodie"                                         

Other items we would suggest bringing are a hardy dog bed, and warm dog blanket for them to use by the camp fire, and help your dog feel at home.                                                                                  

One of the best things about Wild Valley is that your dog is allowed off leash!  Free to roam and adventure.                                      

As there is tonnes of wild life around we recommend supervising your dog at all times and only allowing them off leash if your dog is well trained with very good recall skills. You don't want them racing off into the bush after a buck kangaroo! 

We saw Eastern Grey Kangaroos, Rock Wallabies, Wombats, and Koalas!

Dog light for camping. Dog friendly accomodation

 If your dog is going to be off leash after dark make sure you've got a light on them so you know where they are at all times. The evenings are when most of the valley's wildlife come out to play.  We like to use a human headlamp on elastic for Willie. The super bright light shines straight up so we can see a little beacon of light even if he wanders further off or into the bush. 

Dog friendly accomodation Victoria

During the day there was plenty of exploring to do. We ventured off on a bush walk and discovered this great waterhole complete with covered bar and barbecue area, room for camping and toilet facilities.  Willie spent some time yelling at the frogs down here in his "Hobo Denim Dog Bandana" . We always take bandana's away camping with us, they are great to in hot weather Willie wears them wet to help cool down on walks. In cold weather they make him a little easier to spot in the bush. ;) 

Dog with Alpacas

Once you've explored the rainforest and bushland, you can head on up the hill to meet some of the locals.  There are 4 Alpaca, a goat, two mini ponies and a horse. We don't recommend letting your dog get to close, but they were very friendly with us.

Wild Valley Gippsland 

There is so much to explore. Willie dog had an amazing time running around the hillside chasing birds as they swooped for bugs.  One thing to note, our hosts pointed out a very large hawk in the area, if you have a small sized dog like Willie keep a close eye out as these birds have been known to mistake tiny dogs for prey. 

Dog friendly accomodation Victoria


Watch Willie our English Toy Terrier having the time of his life running free. 

 After a full day of hiking we made our way to the top of the hill with a bottle of wine and watched an incredible sunset. 

Dog friendly accomodation victoria
Ready for the sun to go down in his "Custom Denim Battle Jacket" and grey "Bones Dog Hoodie" 
For bookings check out their website:  www.wildvalleygippsland.com.au 
Find Wild Valley Gippsland below. 
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