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Hophaus Dachshund Races Melbourne 2016

September 26, 2016 2 min read

Hophaus Dachshund Races 2016

All hail the mighty sausage dog!

We couldn't resist joining the fun for Hophaus's2nd annual dachshund race again this year.  Braving the madness of crowds and potential to step on many an unsuspecting sausage dog, we even managed to bump into a few pack members in the crowd. 

Hophaus Dachshund Races 2016 - big crowd

 From experience we can now recommend getting there early to have any chance of actually viewing a race. This year there was the welcome addition of big screen tv for those not up the front.  


Aside from the races Dachshunds can also enter the costume competition. This years winners were straight out of jail! 

Hophaus Melbourne Dachshund races. Costumes

Photo by Brendan Lloyd

Hophaus Melbourne Dachshund Races 2016Hophaus Dachshund Races 2016 Melbourne

There were some very elaborate (not so comfy looking) costumes, but some of the best were clever and simple. 

Sassy the dachy Hophaus Dachshund races 2016

Photo by The Herald Sun

.. And some costumes were just too perfect. Our little pack member @sassythedachy stunned on lookers very appropriately as Wonder Woman. We were lucky enough to catch up with her later back stage. 

Sassy The Dachy and Willie from Pethaus at Hophaus dachshund race

Always stylish, Sassy was rocking out her Pethaus Hobo Denim Dog Bandana teamed up with her Louis Vuitton collar and lead set - because denim goes with everything, and just like the French she knows how to do casual chic! 

Hophaus Dachshund Races 2016

Willie was in his element with so many babe pack members to sniff. He was stoked to meet new pack member @petitebeau (Beau) in her Raw Denim Pethaus Vest 

Hophaus Dachshund Races - Metal Dogs

We also got to hang with @kransky_sausage in his epic custom patched Pethaus Battle Jacket  Props to Kransky and his humans for this great vest. 

Hophaus Dachshund Races Melbourne 2016

Of course the whole point of the day is (aside from drinking beer and getting a sausage dog fix) is supporting Dachshund Rescue Australia, so what's not to love! 

Be sure to make it down next year - we will be there!  #beholdthesausage 

Did you go along?  We love to hear what you thought?  Leave us a comment below. 

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