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Melbourne's Dog Friendly Bar's and Eats - North Side

September 13, 2016 4 min read

Melbourne's Dog Friendly Bars and Cafes


Need to find the perfect place to relax and enjoy a drink and some food with your best mate?  It's been gruelling but we've taken it upon ourselves to research a number of Melbourne's north side bars and eateries to find our favourite spots to hang out with pooch.   

This is part one in our series. To begin with we've started close to home in Collingwood, below are a four of our regular haunts.  



(Better known as home of 'that smash burger') 

Rockwell and Son's Smith Street Collingwood

Willie on a spicy date at Rockwell & Son's with his BF and Pethaus pack mate @lifeofjinkee 

 If you haven't tried the Smash Burger at this joint yet your life is not complete! 

Willie is a regular at Rockwell and Son's and these guys always make sure he's well looked after with plenty of water, loads of attention and fuss not to mention the odd special piece of delicious fried chicken. 

Rockwell has sheltered tables out the front on Smith Street and they are very happy to let your pooch sit at the table with you. With a great selection of wines and beers human's won't go thirsty. Plus there are plenty of delicious burger options including vegetarian, fried chicken and we highly recommend the crispy broccoli with jalapeño and parmesan. 

Willie and Jinkee like to have business meetings here to talk all things dog denim, food and of course Pinstapal pins!

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 Pinstapal PinsDenim dog vest by Pethaus

It's not very cool to steal your buddies last piece of chicken.. but that's how good it is right Willie ? ;) 

Dog Friendly bars Melbourne


Mr Scruffs Smith Street Collingwood bar 

These guys make an A list Bloody Mary you will not forget! We like to get the deluxe version which also comes with crispy bacon (Most of which Willie steals) 

Located on the corner of Smith and Gertrude Streets one of the best things about Mr Scruffs aside from their excellent nacho's is a fully covered outdoor dining entrance with heating that allows you to bring your dog inside with you!  They also have tables with bench sets and heating on the street. 

Mr Scruffs bar Collingwood

The staff at Mr Scruffs are super friendly and always have water and a healthy supply of bacon treats at the ready to make your pooch feel welcome.  It's a great place to hang for a beer with your dog when the weather isn't so good.

Dog Friendly bars Melbourne

 Willie people / dog watching from the open air bar in his BONES DOG HOODIE



All dogs like balls right? Especially meatballs! Another Smith Street local for us The Meatball And Wine Bar , with street dining outside your dog is welcome to come ballin. Sheltered from the weather there is also out door heaters to keep you toastie in the evening. 

With so many meatballs to choose from it's hard to pick a fav dish so we often go with the epic cheese board instead. 

Meatball and wine bar smith street

There a plenty of great wines to choose from and best of all the often have happy hour for the humans!  Water, pats and a friendly welcome are always extended to your dog.  Plus there's plenty of people / dog watching to keep pooch entertained.... not to mention the odd stray meatball. 

If your lucky you'll even bump into friends walking by. Our  Pethaus pack mate @curlstothetoesdropped past riding a bmx!

 Bones dog hoodie by PethausDog friendly bars Collingwood

Dog friendly bars Melbourne

( Like this bad ass raglan dog tee?  This is a sneak peak! These guys will be available for sale soon. You can EMAILus to find out how to get your paws on one first! - Other prints include Master of Puppies, Muttley Crew, Rolling Bones and for you black metal dogs Barkthrone!)



MJR TOMS  Smith Street bar

Ready for a little Asian / Latin influenced food? MJR TOM  also on Smith Street has a delicious fresh menu and a great wine list. You could stay here all day, eating swimmer crab omelette with papaya salad for breakfast, fish taco's for lunch, and Paella for dinner. 

Well designed outdoor street dining with enclosed bench seating means there's plenty of room for dogo to sit up with you.  They also have a great  front dining area open to the street yet completely sheltered your dog is welcome to sit inside out of the elements with you. 

Dog friendly bars in Melbourne

There's plenty of action on the street to keep your dog entertained and room at your table to keep them out of the way.  - Be warned though... handsome beasts tend to attract the 'puparazzi'

Dog friendly cafes Melbourne

Willie's Custom Patched Dog Battle Jacketis always a hit with denim lovers passing by. 

. . . 

We have just scratched the surface with our research and with summer coming up we hope to bring you guys even more great 'Dog friendly' eating and drinking options to enjoy. 

If you've got a favourite 'North Side' Dog bar, or Eatery let us know in the comments below and we will be sure to check it out. Who know's perhaps we will see you there for a beer! 

Cheers!  Willie, Matt & Mel. 

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