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Introducing the "Battle harness"  


Stylish & strong, our Pethaus denim dog harness is here to help you fly out the door looking super cool in under 30 seconds! 

Don't be fooled our "Battle Harness" is as tough as it is good looking.

No more fussing about, this harness slides on with one click and your out the door looking fly! Stylish as it is, you can also add your favourite patches or even get us to create a personalised patch to make it 'extra cool'. 

The perfect alternative for our big buff dog friends who have trouble fitting our classic denim dog vests.  A statement piece on it's own or wear it over our hoodies and tees! 


-Easy on and off  - no more fluffing about trying to get your dog to step into things or stay still while you fuss with clasps and buckles. - Hell no! 

-Eliminates strain on your dogs neck and back - pulling is distributed across the dog's shoulders leaving the throat free from pressure and damage. 

-Heavy duty hybrid metal and plastic buckles durable even in wet conditions - stronger than a normal full plastic buckle, and able to get wet without without seizing up like full metal buckles.  

-Strong high quality nylon webbing -  moisture resistant, light weight, easy slide  and super strong to keep your dog safe.  XS - S harnesses have 2cm wide webbing M - 3cm wide and our L - 2XL harnesses have 5cm wide webbing for very strong breeds.

-Breathable mesh lining - allows your dog's back to stay cool in any condition. 

-Customisable - make your dogs harness one of a kind by adding patches or even a personalised patch made by us.  Patches are easy to iron or sew on - we can even do that for you, just ask.

-Easy to adjust - Quick and easy to adjust this harness works great for dog's who lose or gain weight and for extra large dogs who have trouble fitting clothing. Or for times you need extra room to quickly put on over extra layers like our super cool hoodies. 

-Easy to clean - spot cleaning for mild soiling is best but our harnesses can be thrown in the washing machine for a deep clean.  We suggest using a pillow case or washing bag to prevent the metal fixings  damaging your machine. 

Our denim harness will soften and mould to your dog with wear. Over a long time the denim will fade and age for an even cooler vintage look. 


How to adjust your new Pethaus Denim Battle Harness for the perfect fit. 

Once adjusted you won't need to fiddle with it again unless you decide to wear it over extra layers like hoodies. Then you'll just need to make a quick adjustment for a little extra room. 


Add a personalised name patch from our drop down menu and we will make it the perfect size to fit your harness.

These patches come with an easy iron on backing you can do at home - or we can apply them free with our special machine for a firmer hold.  

* Please note once applied we can no longer exchange the harness size. Only tick this option if you're confident of the dog's size. 

We can also add any additional patches you put in your cart - please leave us a note about your customisation.  ie - which patches you would like on your harness etc.  - Don't worry if your selection won't work we will contact you first before applying. 

Below you can see some mock up options in the different harness sizes.

Not all our patches will fit on the harnesses - try to choose smaller patch options and not too many.  Feel free to reach out we are always happy to help.

{See below image as an example of patch fits on different size harnesses}

denim dog harness pethaus- dog harness with patches