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Ninja Dog Hoodie

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Black Dog Hoodie

 Become part of our elite and most deadly crew, black as night in your ninja hoodie are you ready to honour the code? 

Lets face it black goes with anything and best of all you can get it dirty as f*ck!! Whoop! 

Thick comfy black dog hoodie, looks great on it's own or layered under our denim.  

Cropped under the chest so there's no bathroom mishaps, our hoodies have been rigorously tested by Willie dog  and Trigger pup in battle. 

Each hoodie has a harness hole and Pethaus hood tab so everyone knows you are part of our crew. 


WASHING? (do people do that?) 

Just chuck it in the wash - it's not fancy. Cotton / Poly bend. - best not to tumble dry but you can if your lazy (we do) . 



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