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Girl Gang Sequin Patch

One for the bitches!  Join the party hard ladies of our pack with this epic Girl Gang Sequin Patch.  Our Girl Gang pack members are tough bitches that are just 'too glam to give a damn!' 

Get one for you and one for your furry bestie! 

They look great with our Pinstapal dog pins too!. 

Super easy iron on application, these babies add a touch of sass to any denim.  

7.5" wide x 2" high. 

  •  Set iron to high heat with no steam.
  • Place patch where you want it to be on garment and cover it with an old cloth. ( Note some pink colour may transfer so use something not precious)
  • Press the iron firmly on top of the protected patch and use the steam function (if available) to add more heat while adding pressure. 
  • Move the iron around on the patch for a few minutes and go around the edges with the iron to make sure it's completely secure.
  • Check the patch is secure by gently trying to lift the edge with your nail. If the patch lifts a little just reapply heat until sealed. 
*NOTE, we advise not ironing on to synthetic fabrics which may melt under high heat.  To apply to synthetics just sew on.