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Lonewolf Denim Dog Bandana


Some dogs stand out from the pack, lone wolves with a certain kind of animal magnetism, a live wild and fast attitude. Our patched up Lonewolf denim dog bandana's are for dogs on the edge! 

Lonewolf patch , Babe Magnet patch + Live Fast Dig Holes! (GG Allin) 

This sturdy denim bandana will stand up to the toughest days play for years and is machine washable. 

We recommended rolling the collar over an inch once or twice for that perfect 'cuffed jeans look' 

Perfect for a hot summers day, cool your dog down before a walk by dampening and putting in the freezer for a few minutes first. 

SMALL / MEDIUM  - fits from puppies and toy breeds up to a 15" collar

MEDIUM / LARGE  - fits dogs up to a 22 " collar. 



Let's face it, denim just improves with age! We think our denim bandana's look even more awesome with a bit of dirt and grim so we recommend you don't wash them unless the level of dog slobber and mud just gets too crazy.
When you do wash them please cold wash. Be sure to wash separately on the first wash to avoid any indigo dye bleed. Line dry for best results or cold tumble dry.